About Chris

Suicide Hurts Everyone

His favorite Place.....

Chris enjoyed spending time in the Colorado mountains with his Dad, brothers, and friends. He liked fishing, back packing ,hiking, trail bike riding, skiing, boating, and most of all, four wheeling in his jeep. Chris was a very kind hearted, easy going ,fun loving person, a loyal friend to many, well liked, and loved by his peers. His second love was music.
Even when he was young, he played the leading role in a children's play, and did it quite well. He loved playing the bass and lead guitar and drums, too. He told me, that he had a deep desire to be used of God, in playing music.

Chris loved to "jam", with his cousin, brother, and several close friends. He enjoyed youth soccer, Jr. High basketball, golfing, racquetball and was on the High School golf team.

He was part of a boy's church program called, Royal Rangers, a program like Boy Scouts, for many years,
and was part of a church youth group through his High School years. Chris took special care to be involved in the lives of many people and he found honor, in being a responsible and self-sufficient person.

Chris was a vital part of his family, cherished by each member. He worked with his Dad, in a family business, that processed meat, specializing in deer and elk processing, at hunting season. He was a hard worker, and faithful participant. No more of a faithful son, could he be.

Chris' loved the Colorado Mts.